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Everyday Bravery - Free Printable!

Building brave kids starts with the small stuff.

In the imaginative world of kids, it's easy to become a hero - wake up, slip on a Spiderman mask or a Wonder Woman belt, and you're transformed. Suddenly you can conquer anything, and you're the hero of your own world.

If only being brave in the real world came so easily!

It's hard (for both kids and grown-ups!) to slip on confidence like a superhero suit. There's no fanfare or epic soundtrack playing in the background when we overcome challenges. But that's ok, because being brave is more than that - it's a quality found in our everyday acts, even the smallest moments.

Being brave is choosing to eat lunch with someone who looks a bit left out. It's making the choice to push through homework, even when it's difficult. It's playing hard and getting sweaty when watching a movie would have been easier. These little moments are where bravery shines though and where the qualities of confidence and resilience are built to last a lifetime.

Encourage your kids to be embrace these acts of everyday bravery! Letting them know you see and appreciate their brave choices can help them built habits of confidence that carry them through adolescence and adulthood. That's why we created printable Everyday Bravery Medals to help you get started!

Print the sheet, cut them out, thread a ribbon, and encourage the moments of confidence and bravery you see in your child! Take a moment to remind your kid how proud you are of their bravery while you color together.

Teach your kids to face the everyday challenges they experience with a sense bravery so that they can carry those lessons into the real world! This is the core of our mission at Kids Obstacle Challenge - to encourage kids both on and off the course, empowering them to courageously face obstacles and carry that sense of bravery on into their journey through life!

Are you and your kids ready to Brave Your Adventure at Kids Obstacle Challenge? Find an event near you and continue building confidence together!

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