brave your


1.5-2 MILES
AGES 5-16

Kids Obstacle Challenge is THE adventure and obstacle course race series for kids ages 5-16, with 15+ fun and challenging obstacles and mud. We are the largest touring adventure and obstacle course event series for kids in the nation! And the best part is, it's a FAMILY adventure - parents get to run with their kids for free!*



To inspire and challenge kids, and forge family bonds, through adventure and obstacles. We proclaim, "Brave Your Adventure!" to encourage kids to courageously face the obstacles they will encounter on our adventure courses and carry that courageousness over to obstacles they will encounter in life. 

Kids Obstacle Challenge is committed to helping foster a more active, adventurous, and perseverant younger generation. Brave Your Adventure!


Parents, get off the sidelines and into the mud with your kids. Kids Obstacle Challenge is a family adventure where you can run the 1.5-2 mile obstacle course race with your kids for FREE!*

*Two parents/legal guardians are included with your child(ren)'s registration. Additional adults can run for just $10!

Let's be real...muddy memories are more fun than clean memories! Your adventurer won't forget this unique experience that gets them outdoors and in the mud that Mother Nature made for them!

If you are looking for the ultimate experience that involves the whole family, look no further! Our adventure pushes families to break out of their comfort zones and truly enjoy family time in a whole new way. 




*Locations list is not yet complete and dates and venues are to be decided.

2020 TOUR:














Sign up to enjoy an adventure with the whole family. Register your child(ren) and 2 parents/legal guardians get to run for free! For any additional adults that want to join, it's just $10 each.


Race to Win Razor Prizes! This race is for children aged 10-16 only. Register your child(ren) to run our first wave of the day at 8:30 am, and they could win Razor prizes worth $100+.



Kids Obstacle Challenge® is proud to feed kids CLIF Kid® bars - delicious, wholesome snacks made with active kids in mind.
You can feel good knowing that your family is fueled with the best ingredients while enjoying an outdoor
weekend adventure, together.

Visit our CLIF Kid Nutrition page to learn more about the brand that keeps kids going, growing and exploring.



There are 13-15 obstacles on every Kids Obstacle Challenge course (at least 2-3 of which include mud/water) mixed into the beautiful, natural terrain provided by each venue. Below are a few of our obstacles to get you pumped up!



All participants must check-in at the "Participant Check-In" tent 1-hour prior to their wave time - e.g., if your wave time is 9:30am, check in is at 8:30am. To help keep check-in moving quickly for everyone, please do not check-in earlier or later than 1-hour before your wave time. You may enter our Festival Area prior to checking in, so feel free to arrive at the event early if you'd like to enjoy the festivities prior to your check-in time. 


Racers are checked-in via barcode scan. Bring your confirmation email with visible barcode (either on your phone or physically printed) for expedited check-in.

Every child must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at the check-in tent.


We offer UNLIMITED re-runs for only $5, which can be purchased at the "Merchandise" tent! Kids can run as many times as they like!


And even better... new this year, every child participant will receive an Adventure Passport, which will give them fun activities to do in the Festival Area. Anyone who gets all 10 stamps in their Adventure Passport will be given a Re-Run for FREE! See full instructions inside your Adventure Passport.


Please leave your furry friends at home for the safety of both your pet and the participants, with the exception of service animals.


Two parents and/or legal guardians are included with your child(ren)’s registration. There is no need to register a parent or purchase a parent ticket because parents run for free! If more than two parents/legal guardians wish to participate on course, an Add-ult Pass is available for purchase at the time of registration or may be purchased at the event. 

Adults that participate on course must sign our liability waiver. This can be completed online during the registration process, or onsite at the "Participant Check-In" tent.


All participating adults must check-in at the "Participant Check-In" tent to receive their race wristband, allowing them access to the course.


You will be running. You will be climbing. You will be crawling. You will get MUDDY!!! Therefore, we recommend wearing comfortable, athletic clothing that you don't mind getting damaged or stained. Closed-toe shoes are required!

A water-rinse station is provided at the event, but we can not guarantee that showers will be provided at the venue.


If you purchased a T-shirt or Tank Top online during the registration process, please present your receipt at the "Merchandise" tent to redeem your merchandise.

  • Printed or electronic ticket confirmation showing each registered child (remember parents run for free, however, each child must have a paid registration)

  • Change of clothes & shoes

  • Clothes bag for dirty clothes

  • Please bring your reusable water bottles as we will have water filling stations onsite to keep you hydrated


Please visit our FAQ section for answers to additional questions or feel free to email us!



1. What if I want to run the course more than once?

We would love for you to run in the non-competitive waves of our obstacle course as many times as you want! After your scheduled wave, you can pay a $5.00 re-run fee and join in as many additional, non-competitive waves as you’d like (Razor Competitive Wave participants can re-run for free). And, new this year, if you get all 10 stamps in your Adventure Passport (which is given to all child participants at check-in), you will earn a FREE re-run! *Re-runs not available for those participating in final wave.


2. Do you have a refund Policy?

Our policy is that we do not allow refunds, except in the case of military deployments. Please see the waiver for details, or if you’d like more information, please contact

3.Where do I leave my stuff while I run the course? 

We suggest keeping it somewhere where you know it will be safe, as we will not have bag check at the event. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Kids Obstacle Challenge recommends locking vehicles at all events and does not recommend leaving property (especially valuables) in cars. Kids Obstacle Challenge is not responsible for any lost, damaged, or stolen items on course and for any property left in cars.


4. How hard is the course?

Kids Obstacle Challenge is just that …  a challenge. But it is also constructed to be safe for all ages of the participants and the skill level of those participants. Some obstacles will be more challenging than others, and depending on how much and how fast you run between our obstacles, will also determine how challenging you make the course. Looking for even more of a challenge? Check out our timed Razor Competitive Wave! Kids ages 10-16 can compete against their peers for awesome Razor prizes. Check out for more info. 

5. Can I run the course with my kids?

Yes! We encourage parents and/or legal guardians to run in the family waves with their kids, and up to two parents and/or legal guardians may do so for FREE! If additional adults wish to participate on course, an Add-ult Pass may be purchased for $10 during online registration or onsite at the event. 

6. Can friends and extended family run for free?

If additional adults, beyond the two free parents and/or legal guardians that are included in the ticket price, wish to participate, an Add-ult Pass may be purchased for $10 during online registration or onsite at the event.


7. What if I get hurt?

Our course is designed with safety as the number one priority. However, in the event an injury occurs, there will be a medical station onsite at every event.

8. Is there a time limit?

There’s no time limit. We want all participants to finish the course in a time that is safe and comfortable to them!


9. How long will it take to finish the course?

There is no time limit on the course, but most participants finish in 25-45 minutes.

10. Do I have to do every obstacle?

A participant can opt out of an obstacle by going around it, with the exception of the Razor Competitive Wave. For the Razor Competitive Wave, all obstacles must be completed in order to qualify for placing.

11. What should I bring to Kids Obstacle Challenge?

Please bring your electronic or paper ticket confirmation, a change of clothes and shoes, and a reusable water bottle! There will be event merchandise and vendors onsite, so we recommend packing some cash too!

12. What should I wear?

You will be running. You will be climbing. You will be crawling. And you will get muddy. So wear comfortable clothing that you wouldn’t mind permanently staining. Athletic clothes including running shoes are a must!

13. What do I do with my kids under 5-years-old while I run the course with my over 5-year-old?

The course is designed specifically for kids ages 5-16, so kiddos under 5 must stay with an adult in the festival area and will not be allowed on course.


14. Can I push my stroller while I run with my kid on course?

For everyone’s safety, strollers are not allowed on course and must stay in the festival area with an adult.

15. Do spectators have to pay?

No, spectators at Kids Obstacle Challenge are welcome for FREE!

16. Will there be showers or rinse stations available after the race?

There will be rinse stations onsite, so don’t forget your towel and a fresh change of clothes!

17. What do I get when I run?

Kids competing in the family (non-competitive) waves will receive a headband/neck wrap covered in inspirational messages, an Adventure Passport activity book with discount and the chance to earn free re-runs, Clif bars for the family, free event photos and a custom 2019 finisher medal. Kids in the Razor Competitive Wave will also receive, in addition, free unlimited re-runs in the family waves, a custom competitive wave medal, chip timing, and the top 3 finishers per age division will receive an award (see Official Rules for details).

18. Will the race still happen if it is raining? What about severe or extreme weather?

This race will run regardless of the weather, with the exception of severe or extreme weather. More rain simply means more mud! However, in the case of severe or extreme weather, the race may be postponed, rescheduled, or cancelled, especially if the course or obstacles become unsafe for runners. If you would like more information about our weather policy, please contact

19. What does race day look like?

All participants must check-in at the "Participant Check-In" tent 1-hour prior to their wave time - e.g., if your wave time is 9:30am, check in is at 8:30am. To help keep check-in moving quickly for everyone, please do not check-in earlier or later than 1-hour before your wave time. You may enter our Festival Area prior to checking in, so feel free to arrive early if you'd like to enjoy the festivities prior to your check-in time. Each child participant will receive their race wristband and Adventure Passport. The Adventure Passport will take your family on an adventure in our Festival Area (before or after you run), with fun checkpoints and activities to complete to get their passports stamped. The Adventure Passport will also help you find/redeem your Kids Obstacle Challenge headband, which all child participants will receive for free. There will be additional activities provided by Kids Obstacle Challenge and our sponsors and vendors inside our Festival Area. If you purchased an event T-shirt or Tank Top, you can pick it up at the "Merchandise" tent. After you run the course, child participants will receive a finisher's medal and finish line snack for their hard work. You can then shower off, finish up your Adventure Passport activities to win a FREE re-run, visit with our sponsors and vendors, watch other participants, or pay the $5.00 re-run fee to run in a non-competitive wave again (re-runs are FREE for Razor Competitive Wave participants).

20. How can I see the photos of the event?

You will receive a link to the event photos website via email within a week after your race. The email used during registration will be the email to which the photo link is sent. We will make every effort to photograph all participants, but we can't guarantee that we will capture everyone.

21. I don’t see my city listed. Will you be coming to my area?

We try our hardest to travel to as many cities as possible and are always looking to add more cities to our tour. New cities will be posted to the LOCATION tab on our website as soon as we secure a venue. If you have a suggestion for venues near you, please let us know HERE. The best way to stay updated is by following us on social media.

22. Can I change my start time?

Yes! Click HERE for step-by-step instructions on how to change to a different wave time. Please note that there is a $5.00 wave change fee. 

23. How do I change my wave time to a wave that is sold out?

Tickets sell fast so we recommend getting your group organized as quickly as possible or registering your group for a later wave time, as there may be more availability in those later waves. Once a wave time is sold out, you will not be able to register for that wave. These capacities are implemented and upheld for the safety of our participants.

24. Can I transfer my ticket to someone else?

Yes! When you transfer your ticket to someone else, you must change the registered name on the ticket, as well. All monetary exchanges must be handled between the original ticket holder and the new ticket holder. Click HERE for step-by-step instructions.

25. I need registration help!

If you are experiencing registration issues, please contact

26. I left something at the run – where can I find my lost items?

You may contact to see if we found any lost items. However, Kids Obstacle Challenge is not responsible for any lost, damaged, or stolen items on course or for any property left in cars.

27. Are there prizes for the fastest kid? 

Yes, in the Razor Competitive Wave! The Razor Competitive Wave is for kids ages 10-16 (sorry parents, this one’s kids only. Parents can run with their kids in the non-competitive waves). Challengers will be chip timed, receive a custom Razor Competitive Wave race medal, and the top three boy finishers and top three girl finishers in each age division will receive a winner's medal and rad Razor products! Plus, Razor Competitive Wave participants get unlimited re-runs in the non-competitive waves. See for more details.

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