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A Guide to KOC's All-New Obstacles

Ready to hit the Kids Obstacle Challenge course? Here's an overview of the brand-new obstacles you'll face this year to challenge your mind and body (and bring on the giggles!)

Clif Climb

Time to test your grip and ability to think on your feet! The Clif Climb, sponsored by Clif Bar, sports two climbing walls with hand-and-footholds. Scale across the slippery cliff wall, but be careful - if you slip, you'll make a splash in the water waiting for you below!

Tarzan Traverse

Channel your inner Tarzan! A true skill-building obstacle, Tarzan Traverse is a long and narrow balance beam. Inch your way across without toppling over using the dangling ropes as guides. Your core strength and balance will help you conquer this challenge!

Subaru Kid Wash

After all that running, jumping, and climbing, it's time to get clean - right? Well... maybe not! Subaru's Kid Wash might spray you down, but we can bet you'll be muddier coming out than when you went in! Duck and crawl your way through two Kid Wash tunnels as water rains down from overhead (but be ready for some very dirty hands and knees!)

Mudslide Scramble

This new obstacle earns the title of crowd-favorite, and for good reason! Situated at the end of the course, you'll have to scale your way up a climbing wall, but the reward is worth it - three slides cascade into a giant mud pit with a huge splash! You won't want to miss this grand finale of an obstacle.

You've read the guide - Think you're ready to brave the course? Learn more about the epic family adventure at and get ready to climb, crawl, splash, and create memories that will last a lifetime. We can't wait to see you at Kids Obstacle Challenge!

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