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10 Ways to Be Brave in Your Own Backyard This Summer!

Encouraging your kids to make brave choices begins with talking to them about what bravery means and the different ways that it can look. What behaviors are you trying to illicit from your child when you encourage them to be brave? This is a personal conviction, and can mean anything from being brave by trying something they are scared of, to being brave by sticking up for a classmate that gets picked on.

So, for our 10 Ways to Be Brave in Your Own Backyard This Summer list, we offer you a variety of activities and ideas for your child to challenge themselves.

1) Invite someone you’ve never hung out with over for a play date and make a new friend

Think about a classmate or neighbor that could use a friend.

2) Practice your art skills and then turn your backyard into an art gallery

You could work on drawing, painting, sculpture or whatever you feel like!

3) Pick a sport that you have the tools for in your backyard and practice until you’re confident with it!

Is it basketball, soccer, swimming, or learning awesome tricks on the trampoline?

4) Fight boredom by making up your own game!

Keep track of rules, make your own team logo, and share the new game with friends!

5) Make up a play and perform it for your family and neighbors

Make a stage area, put out chairs, and find costumes!

6) Set up a camp site and sleep outside

Invite some friends or siblings to help you put up a tent, then grab some flashlights and sleeping bags!

7) Design a tree house or fort for your backyard

Draw up designs, make a list of what you want inside, and pick the best spot to put it.

8) Think of something you want to know how to do and learn it

Maybe it’s playing guitar, speaking Spanish, or doing pull ups!

9) Get your body ready for Kids Obstacle Challenge

How many jumping jacks can you do? What about push ups? How long can you plank?

10) Are you a handy parent? Help your child build a mini obstacle course!

Make a plan together as a family! Some ideas to get you started: balance beam, rock wall, hurdles, slack line…

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