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Why Kids
Obstacle Challenge?

Boost your kid's confidence!


"I'm always looking for fun ways to keep my kids active. It's always easier if it's something we can all do together as my older son has autism and group sports are difficult for him. It's very hard to find something that is fun for both the kids and adults. This was perfect."

"We signed up so my son could enjoy the challenge and  try something new. He is very athletic but has anxiety. Trying new things is something he looks forward to but dreads at the same time."


"I want my daughter to feel like she can overcome challenges, and try things even when they seem a little difficult. I also enjoy participating in obstacle course races, so it's a family event.

Parents run for FREE - be your kid's hero!


"I registered to help my kid's confidence and wanted to show her  mommy and daddy can do it too!"

"I do a lot of adult mud runs and  my son always wanted to participate. This was the perfect opportunity for us to do a mud run together."


You can bring the whole group!


"My boys were super excited to attend. We thought it would be a fun time and a great family event. What kiddo doesn't like getting all muddy? It was so fun!"

"We went as a group for my kid's ninja class."

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All quotes are collected from reviews we receive via questionnaires, online reviews, and verbal soundbites.

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