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What's New in 2020

Hello Parents & Kid Adventurers! It is with great excitement to announce that we are officially LIVE with our 2020 Kids Obstacle Challenge events! As we enter our 5th year of growing Kids Obstacle Challenge, we continue to proudly hold the status as the LARGEST obstacle and adventure race series for kids in the nation - and we owe it all to you!!! We have met so many amazing kids and families over the years, and we want to say THANK YOU for your support and interest in living healthy, active lives, and for providing your kids with new experiences that promote the development of persistence and perseverance in our youth.

Throughout this last year, and most recently after wrapping up the 2019 event season in Portland (our hometown!), we have spent a lot of time brainstorming new avenues for growth and ways to continue serving our customers the best way we can. There are a few new things we want you to know about in 2020 that we think will be best for our customers and our organization. Please read, and let us know if you have any feedback by commenting below - we want to hear from you! We look forward to another fantastic year of providing your kids and your families with a premium obstacle race experience.

NEW IN 2020!

1) NEW AGE RANGE: Over the past four years we have listened to your feedback and have decided to officially lower the minimum age and adjust age range for child participants. Our new age range is 4-14. We will now be offering our events to 4 YEAR OLDS! Much like you have done in the past with your younger children (i.e. 5-6 year olds), we will expect that you Parents know what's best for your child and what they are capable of physically. We also require parents to accompany the younger kiddos on course to ensure everyone's safety. As a result of reducing the minimum age, we have decided to also adjust the age range to peak at 14 years old (versus 16 years old in the past). Based on your feedback, we know that our event is designed best for kids ages 4-14, and our goal is to ensure that everyone who participates at Kids Obstacle Challenges is satisfied with the experience. If you have kids 15+ years old who want to accompany their younger siblings, have no fear, we have a new solution just for you in 2020: the Sidekick Ticket! (See more below.)

2) SIDEKICK TICKET: As you know, 2 parents/legal guardians get to run for FREE at Kids Obstacle Challenge when you sign up your kid(s). However, we know that there are other adults and older siblings in your kids' lives that may want to enjoy the adventure with you. That said, NEW this year we are offering a SIDEKICK TICKET for $20 that gives all additional adults and kids over 15 years old access to the course. Please note, Sidekick Tickets are available to only those ages 15 and up, and only paid child participants ages 4-14 will receive participant giveaways (i.e., finisher medal, head tie, etc.) at the event because this event is really for THEM! The Sidekick Ticket gives people the ability to accompany your kid runner(s) on course and tackle the obstacles with them, helping share in the memorable experience.

3) COMPETITIVE WAVE: Our plan to offer a Competitive Wave in 2020 is still yet to be determined. There are a lot of additional costs in supporting a competitive wave - from the timing tech and equipment, to the staff and labor to facilitate the race and ceremony afterward, to the awards. That said, our ability to offer a Competitive Wave is subject to sponsorship of the race. We hope to be able to roll out a Competitive Wave in 2020 and/or a format that allows for chip-timing. In the event you do purchase a Family Wave ticket now, but later want to upgrade to the Competitive Wave (assuming we host one), we will support you by helping you make the wave change and will waive the fee to do so (your cost would just be to pay the difference in ticket price, if there is one).

We look forward to another amazing year of events across the country in 2020. Thank you for your support, and we can't wait to see you on course!


Kids Obstacle Challenge Team

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