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Updated: May 10, 2019

We are often asked “What’s new this year?”, and the answer is: “SO much!”. Kids Obstacle Challenge™ is continually looking for new ways to challenge and inspire kids with our obstacles. This year we have not two, not three, but FOUR new obstacles! Each of these obstacles were conceptualized, designed, and fabricated by KOC to ensure that they are both kid and parent friendly (and, of course, safe!). If you are returning to Kids Obstacle Challenge this year, you’ll notice our new obstacles are even more challenging and you may have to help your kiddos overcome them—AWESOME! We love seeing kids and parents work together as a team to conquer something they’ve never encountered before.

New obstacle highlights:

Arches—Two parallel arches will challenge adventurers of all levels as you try to travel from one side to the other balancing on your hands and feet.

Cannonball Carry—Test your strength carrying 15 and 30 pound water-filled ball. Teamwork may be required!

Join in on our next event to discover the rest of our new and rejuvenated obstacles!

We are very excited this year to launch a brand-new activity at KOC—Adventure Passports! Every participating kid is given a passport with images that correspond to signs around the festival area, which they have to hunt down. At every sign there is a fun activity, challenge, or freebie! The passport gives families a chance to explore the fun offerings we have off the course, as well as an activity to complete. When you get all the stamps in your passport you get a FREE re-run! That means your kiddo can run in any wave after their own, as many times as they want! Plus, kids can take their passport home to add a picture of themselves, fill out the About Me section with a few of their favorite things, and save some of their incredible KOC memories.

We are delighted to offer a bammie for our give-away this year! The bammie is covered in inspirational messages and kids can sport their bammie in whatever fashion they choose—headband, neckwrap, or bandana. We even saw a few creative kids wearing them as tube tops! The bammies are a huge hit with kids and you will see them prominently featured in event photos from this year.

Returning this year is our Competitive Wave with new super rad Razor products! Kids ages 10-16 are timed and compete with their peers to win scooters and rideables, as well as bragging rights!

At Kids Obstacle Challenge, we are honored to be a part of your family’s journey to build brave, perseverant kids. We have developed an experience to encourage kids to be courageous, tenacious, and independent in the most fun way we know. We can’t wait to meet your family, hear about your adventures, and see you covered in mud! Brave Your Adventure!® Thank you for reading our blog. Enjoy 10% off using the promo code: BLOGREADER10

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