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We Love Our Dads! 3 Simple Gift Ideas for Dad

“My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person: He believed in me.” – Jim Valvano

There’s so much to love about dads. We’re lucky to have them, and lucky to raise kids with them. They lift us up when times are difficult, help us over hurdles (literally), and give out the weirdest jokes that still make us laugh. Most of all, they believe in us and helped us build the foundations of who we are. In a world of technology and clutter, what can you possibly give the guy who is invaluable but so hard to shop for?

At Kids Obstacle Challenge, our mission is to inspire and challenge kids, and forge family bonds, through adventure and obstacles. Over the last few years, we’ve seen thousands of Dads inspire and challenge their kids on our courses. We love seeing the father-kid bonds that happen on-course, and love hearing about your appreciation for the time and challenges shared together. While mugs, shirts, and hand-crafted gifts will always be awesome surprises for Dad, we’re certain that Dad will love these gifts (and the FREE memories that come with them). Reach out to your Dad (and the grandpa(s) of the family), or encourage your kid(s) to try these out with their Dad:

1. Give Dad time together

These days, we know everyone’s busy going to work, school, sports practices, recitals, PTA meetings, you name it. Despite having their long lists of to-dos, what most Dads want most is to get quality time with their kiddos. This Sunday, spend time with Dad, doing whatever he loves most. Spend the morning on a hike, go camping for the weekend, or challenge Dad to your own race or game at home!

2. Let Dad help you with obstacles

You may not realize it, but there are probably at least a couple tasks that your Dad loves helping you with, that don’t feel like unwanted work to him. Whether he jumped in to help build the treehouse, helped out with weekly math homework, read you bedtime stories, or taught you how to shoot hoops, he steps up on a consistent basis to make you happier, smarter, and stronger. Think of something you want to learn with your Dad, and ask him if he’ll help you! Spend the day building a racecar, learning how to skateboard, or learning Dad’s top tips for winning chess (if he’ll share them). The most important rules: have fun, and learn from Dad! You’ll both get something out of it.

3. Have goofy, good fun together

We adults sometimes take life way too seriously, and it’s a parent’s dream come true to join in on fun childhood moments with their kids. This Father’s Day, try something crazy (but mom-approved for safety!) together. Make a weird recipe together, have an outdoor food fight, or see who can build the tallest tower out of LEGOs. Bonus points if you laugh at Dad’s jokes in the process.

4. Bonus: surprise Dad with Kids Obstacle Challenge tickets!

You can give Dad all three of the above gifts in one! Spend time together, get Dad’s help with obstacles, and have fun together at Kids Obstacle Challenge. The experiences and memories you’ll give Dad with this event are priceless. Get 20% off registration using the promo code RADDAD20 before sales end this Sunday, June 16th!

Do you have a rad Dad and want to share his awesomeness with the world? Share and tag us in your favorite photos together on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, and we might feature you on our page!

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