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The Adventure Passport

One of the best parts of childhood, and adulthood for that matter, is the pure joy of experiencing a new adventure. The best feeling, secondary to the actual adventure, is that of nostalgia, when we get to look back on the great memories. That’s why keepsakes like Adventure Books, photo albums, letters, passports, and scrapbooks are so valuable. The Adventure Passport is a memento that we designed to give your child a priceless token to remember the day that they faced their fears, overcame obstacles, and experienced adventure.

The size of an actual passport and 24 pages long, this booklet includes a place for your child to write and paste their picture, 10 checkpoints to find (and get stamps for finding!) during the event day, and extra challenges to be completed after the event. The best part is, it’s 100% free when you buy a ticket!

Kids have so much fun hunting down the 10 checkpoints in our festival area. It’s a great way for them to stay preoccupied while they wait for their race to start, or wrap the day up after their challenge is over. We’ve enjoyed seeing kids run up to our tents in the festival area, themselves and their passports muddy, excited to find the next checkpoint. There are even a few bonuses for parents – when your child completes the 10 tasks inside, you will receive prizes, determined depending on your location. Keep the passport as a memento, and you can use the promo code inside the booklet to receive a discount on next year’s ticket(s).

Beyond weekend fun for the kids and perks for parents, we hope this passport inspires your family to brave their adventure for the rest of the summer. Nothing is more valuable than the memories you get to keep for free. Go ahead, get the passport muddy, let your kid doodle in it or get Gatorade on it – the messy keepsakes are that much richer with memories.

Already visited Kids Obstacle Challenge this summer? Share a photo of your kid with their Adventure Passport and you could be featured on our social pages!

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