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Spread the Love - Get Healthy Together!

At Kids Obstacle Challenge, getting families healthy together is our top priority. So, this February we are standing in support of American Heart Month. We encourage you to get out and get active together to strengthen your family ties and help prevent heart disease. As little as 2 ½ hours of moderate exercise a week is enough to lower your family’s risk of heart disease. Set a family challenge to go above and beyond this goal! Work together to find ways to spend time together while getting active.

Here are some ideas to start you off:

1) Brave Your Adventure by tackling the course at a Kids Obstacle Challenge near you

2) Take a hike with your family and point out wildlife and nature you discover along the way

3) Schedule a nightly family walk and spend the time catching up with each other and discussing your day

4) Hit the pavement for a family bike ride

5) Stage a game of tag in your backyard, neighborhood, or local park

6) Introduce a little friendly competition with a 3-legged race, speed walking competition, or free-throw contest

What’s your favorite way to love your family and love your hearts? Join the conversation on social and let us know!

Join us in support of American Heart Month and show your family the love by encouraging healthy eating, activity, and stress management. Kids who exercise with their families are more likely to continue exercising into adulthood, lowering their risk of heart disease. Help protect your child’s future today, and capitalize on family time, by getting active as a family.

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