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Share Your Adventure!

We love when you share your Kids Obstacle Challenge memories with us! Check out these parents who blogged about their experience at Kids Obstacle Challenge in 2019:

Kristi from The Right On Mom says:

“Not only did our favorite boys get outside in the fresh air at a beautiful park, they got to have a nice bonding time together without the rest of us, and some lifelong memories were made, maybe even a tradition started, a tribe joined, a goal met. They keep talking about it and how much fun it was. We'll probably be interested in joining next year when our little one is old enough too!”

April from Socal Fun Family says:

“My kids LOVED it! They loved being forced to get dirty and enjoyed all the physical challenges. I know that this will be something we will look forward to doing in the future together as a family!!”

Sandra from Mamá Noticias says:

“No hay nada mejor que poder apoyar a nuestros hijos a que asuman retos, hagan deporte y lo mejor de todo disfruten de experiencias recreativas familiares.”

Translation: “There is nothing better than being able to support our children to take on challenges, play sports and, best of all, enjoy family recreational experiences.”

Want us to feature your Kids Obstacle Challenge experience? Be sure to tag us on social media so we can read all about it!

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