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10 Adventurous Activities to Try This Fall

It’s getting chilly outside, so outdoor activities and staying active can be more difficult. However, finding adventure (and adventures that keep the kids active) can still be easy! We put together 10 ideas for getting the kids out of the house to increase those heart rates and try new adventures!

1. Visit a National or State Park near you.

If you live in the United States, chances are there’s a state or national park within a couple hours of your town. The beauty of these places is that they’re often open year-round, and even more beautiful in the fall or winter! You can fill the day with activities like hiking, nature sightseeing, and picnicking. So grab the kids, grab your directions, and hit the road to spend a few hours in a park near you.

2. Visit an orchard or farm near you.

Halloween might have brought this year’s pumpkin patches and corn mazes to an end, but there are still plenty of festive activities, including visiting an apple orchard or a farm near you. Certain areas have sunflower, lavender, and other flowery farms to explore with the family.

3. Fly kites together.

Windy fall days make for great kite weather! Try making a kite with your kiddo, or buy one and take it out to the backyard or local park.

4. Escape to a cabin or camping spot for the weekend.

It may be too chilly near you to go tent camping, so book a night or two at a cabin! This kind of weekend trip is perfect for exploring nature by day and playing games as a family by night.

5. Rake leaves.

Make some fun in your own backyard. Rake piles of leaves together and let everyone jump in them – you can even include the dog! Be careful though, the kids may catch on that you’re really getting them to help out with a chore!

6. Go sledding (yes, some people have snow already).

Oh, the joys and pains of getting snow this early in the year. We’re sorry if you’re not enjoying so much sunshine lately, but you can make the most out of it by planning your first annual sledding trip!

7. Hunt for leaves on a hike.

Pack up the family and find a trail near you! Challenge your kiddos to find the 10 best looking leaves during the journey, and take them home to make crafts out of them. DIY & Crafts shared 15 fall leaf craft ideas for kids:

8. Start a family football game.

American football, soccer, or any sport of your choice can work for this. Start a game in your very own yard. If you have a small family, invite some friends and neighbors to play. If it’s way too chilly, try basketball at your local gym or YMCA. And, if you’re stuck in the snow, make it a snowball fight!

9. Take a bike ride.

Use this opportunity to explore the scenery around you, and tire the kids out in the process.

10. Visit museums on rainy days.

We get it, sometimes the weather is just too bad to be outside, but that doesn’t mean the adventures should stop! Use this opportunity to explore the museums near you. Many cities have children’s, science, interactive art, or other intriguing museums. If you plan ahead, you may even find a discount or free day online! There’s so much joy in seeing your kiddos learning new things and interacting with fun exhibits.

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