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Overall, this is how the journey has gone for us and the framework — the underlying libraries — over the course of the last couple of years. But as we have seen, much has changed since then. The old code was very straightforward, but there were some issues with it. We wanted to make it more generic and more powerful. The new code is definitely better, as it takes advantage of some new features in our libraries. Also, the new code is much more modular, which makes maintenance and adding new features a lot easier. So, what is Next? The framework continues to improve, but the focus has shifted to writing new features. We have a lot of features that we have been sitting on for a while, and we have now put them together in a cohesive product. You may have read the blog posts that we have written about the features — here is a link to one of them. We have also a few that we are finalizing. One of these features is called Scoring. This is the hardest part of the platform, as it requires deep knowledge of the data, data structures, programming languages and machine learning. We have implemented this and will be releasing it to production soon. We have also plans to implement a new API that will make it easy for people to send data to our platform and use it from any programming language. This is a big step for our platform. We have been toying around with this idea for a while and we are finally going to make it a reality. We have also been working on another interesting feature that will be coming up in the very near future. It has to do with visualization. We have been looking for a good way to visualize data in the context of a Notebook. We have written about it in one of our blog posts and we are working on getting this functionality implemented. The number of features that we have in the pipeline is quite large and we are working on them very fast. But we are very excited about this new product, as it has a lot of potential for our users. The framework has now been out in production for more than a year, and has been used by hundreds of users. We now have a lot of data about what is being used and what people are doing with it. This is extremely useful for us, and it helps us to identify and fix issues that might arise. And also, it helps us to identify new features and new use cases. It would be difficult to measure the effect that the platform




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