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Thanking Our Brave Service Members

Members of the Military and our First Responders are constantly putting others first, making huge sacrifices to keep our country and communities safe. Kids Obstacle Challenge is so inspired by our Military members and First Responders and their courageous, selfless service to America, and we'd like to give something back!

If you're a current or former member of our US Armed Forces, or keeping our community safe as a heroic First Responder, we're offering 25% off your ticket purchase for any Kids Obstacle Challenge event. 

Our mission at Kids Obstacle Challenge is to inspire and challenge kids and encourage family bonding. This is why parents always run for free when they purchase a ticket for their child, and families are encouraged to brave the course together!

To request your Military & First Responder 25% off discount, please email us at and a promo code will be provided to your family.

Find the event nearest you by visiting Once you select an event, scroll to the "Purchase Tickets" section. Before selecting a wave time, make sure to click "Enter Promotional Code" in the top left corner and type in your family's discount code. Once entered, the 25% off savings will be reflected on all ticket prices - just select the wave time that best fits your schedule.

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